[FEDERAL] Asbestos Abatement and Environmental Protection

New Jersey

Asbestos removal from a Department of Defense military installation

“The Contractor did a great job and of keeping us
informed. Very efficient project.”

Project Summary

RENOVA was selected as the prime contractor by a Department of Defense client to remove identified sources of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and to protect human health and the surrounding environment at a military installation in New Jersey.  In an effort to ready the properties for their intended renovations, RENOVA removed 2600 square feet of ACM floor tiles using radiant heat, in addition to the underlying floor tile mastic. The work areas were isolated with critical barriers and placed under negative pressure.  In addition, RENOVA provided an Asbestos Project Monitor to conduct air monitoring, and a final report was presented to the Client.

All work was completed pursuant to a negotiated, firm fixed-price contract and was an excellent opportunity for RENOVA to grow its federal experience through the SBA’s 8(a) business development program.  The proposed timeline and allotted budget were strictly adhered to, in spite of the period of performance coinciding with the holiday season.  RENOVA completed the work with zero reportable incidents or safety concerns.  The results from the soil sample collection and analysis were incorporated into a Final Compliance Report, which assisted the Client in future planning for the site.

RENOVA has been asked to bid on additional work at the installation by the Client due to the successful completion of this project.  An overall rating of “Outstanding” was received from the Client on the Performance Evaluation form.

" The Contractor did a great job of keeping CE informed on all changes, updates and project progress. They had full control of the subcontractors and there was no disconnect between the subs and the Prime during execution. This was a very efficient project overall. "

- DoD Contracting Officer