Renova Environmental Company

[FEDERAL] UST Management and Remediation

Gloucester City, New Jersey

UST cutting, cleaning and disposal at the Welsbach GGM Superfund site

“RENOVA provided excellent value to the project.”

Project Summary

As the subcontractor working for Sevenson Environmental Services, RENOVA was called upon to assist with an “orphan” fuel-oil underground storage tank (UST) that was encountered at the tail end of the long-term remedial action of a radiologically-contaminated Superfund site.  RENOVA was responsible for the UST closure under our NJDEP Closure license, which entailed cutting, cleaning, and disposing of the liquid contents.  The UST was determined to have leaked, and follow-on work was issued to RENOVA to collect UST closure samples, delineated the plume, develop a remediation strategy, and work with Sevenson to implement the remedial action.

All work was completed pursuant to a competitive, firm-fixed-price subcontract and was an excellent opportunity for RENOVA to grow its federal experience at an active Superfund site under the oversight of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a seasoned prime federal contractor.  The proposed timeline, scope, and cost were strictly adhered to.  RENOVA completed the work with zero reportable incidents or safety concerns.  The results from the soil sample collection and analysis were sufficient to close the incident with the NJDEP and for site restoration to continue, moving the long-term project one step closer to completion.

" Our expectations were met by Renova during all stages of project that they contributed to. The work was completed efficiently and cost-effectively.  RENOVA's price was competitive and they provided excellent value to the project.  I was pleased with the level of professionalism and value that RENOVA brought to the referenced project and recommend them for similar work. "

- Michael Lacker, Project Manager, Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.