[FEDERAL] Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action Operation

Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Completed soil investigative and remedial actions with excavation dewatering and treatment activities for the U.S. Coast Guard

"RENOVA hit every milestone on time; tremendous benefit to our Organization; top choice for future project consideration; dedicated to ensuring worker safety.” – USCG COR

Project Summary

RENOVA was selected as the prime contractor by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) to complete soil investigative and remedial actions and groundwater removal and treatment activities for the Detachment (DET) Sandy Hook.  The Remedial Action Operation (RAO) included utility infrastructure relocation, federal and state regulatory permitting and coordination, remedial action investigation, design and execution, and regulatory reporting.  Further, the project encountered the distinct challenge of taking place within an ecologically sensitive habitat while also being subject to a compressed schedule due to the client’s need to prepare the site for an upcoming renovation.

Renova was responsible to delineate the nature and extents of a 2012 diesel fuel release from an emergency generator tank comingled with a historic, circa 1994, fuel oil release from two (2) 5,000-gallon diesel Underground Storage Tanks (USTs).  Subsequent to site investigation, Renova was responsible for remedial action operation planning, removal actions and LNAPL recovery, groundwater treatment, regulatory compliance, site maintenance and technical reporting.

" RENOVA's preparation was exceptional and they have hit every milestone on time. Based on the effort dedicated to project planning, the government has received a very high quality product. Renova's management team is exceptional; they earned the COR's highest trust/respect and will be a top choice for future project considerations. The time and care dedicated to ensuring worker safety has been obvious and very much appreciated. "