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CENAE Ft Devens Water Wells





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Renova was selected as the prime contractor for a water supply well installation project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District (CENAE) at the Fort Devens Range Complex South Post. Renova was responsible for design, permitting, and construction for three (3) new public water supply wells to provide drinking water to two training facilities located within Fort Devens Range Complex South Post. Services on this project included the oversight of the installation of test wells and gravel-packed wells at both locations, geophysical testing, the implementation of 4-hour and 48-hour pump tests, the design of both water systems including water treatment technologies as applicable, regulatory permitting, the oversight of the water system construction, and water system operator training. The geophysical testing was conducted using an Idronaut multi-parameter water-quality, Mount Sopris caliper, polygamma, and induction logging probes, and a Mount Sopris model 4MXA console to measure and evaluate fluid temperature, fluid resistivity (the numerical inverse of fluid conductivity), natural gamma, EM conductivity, oxygen saturation, pH, redox, and chloride content. The purpose of the geophysical testing was to characterize overburden stratigraphy and ground-water quality and to identify the depth ranges that might contain the most clay.

The project included exploratory drilling to approximately 40 to 90 feet below grade, the installation of test wells, and the implementation of 4- hour and 48-hour pump tests at both locations. In addition, geophysical testing of multiple boreholes at both locations was conducted to help characterize the overburden stratigraphy and groundwater quality. Upon completion of the exploratory drilling and geophysical testing, gravel-packed supply wells were installed at both locations with approved daily withdrawal rates of approximately 2,500 for the first well and 10,000 gpd for the second and third. A 48-hour pump test was subsequently conducted at both supply wells, and New Source Approval permit applications were prepared for submittal to the MassDEP.

At the first location, the team completed and permitted the water system design which included a 10 x 20-foot pump house, chlorine disinfection, and treatment for perchlorate and perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). At the second location, the team’s design included pH adjustment and treatment of hydrogen sulfide, iron, and manganese. The third location included design and construction of a 15 x 15-foot pump house for the well and water treatment system. Throughout this project, the team utilized innovative design and field optimization techniques, including consecutive work at both well locations to minimize mobilization and demobilization costs, to achieve cost savings.



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