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CRREL Backflow Preventer




New Hampshire

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RENOVA was selected as the prime contractor by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New England District for the time-critical installation of reduced pressure backflow prevention devices at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL). The project involved the installation of two (2) reduced pressure backflow prevention devices and associated piping, establishing a tie-in to the main municipal water line feed, removal and disposing of 40 feet of asbestos-cement water pipe, and the installation of a prefabricated concrete building, concrete slab, and foundation system.

Prior to mobilizing to the site, RENOVA first coordinated a geotechnical investigation to determine the foundation design for the proposed backflow prevention enclosure. Due to the manufacturing schedule for the prefabricated concrete building and to keep this project on schedule, RENOVA presented a design that would accommodate all items for the backflow preventer to be installed prior to the arrival of the building. This redesign allowed for the foundation and mechanical piping installation to be completed prior to the placement of the prefabricated building. The change in project plans allowed RENOVA to meet the urgent need of having an operational backflow preventer online and in use, prior to the installation of the structure.

Following the approval of the project plans, RENOVA mobilized to the site. Utilizing a 24’x16’x10’ slide rail system, RENOVA excavated the area where the backflow preventer and building enclosure were to be installed. The building foundation was constructed and the backflow preventer assembly was installed.

Due to a conflict with an unexpected existing electrical duct bank, RENOVA recommended an alternate tie-in point for the municipal water feed. RENOVA excavated the water line location, removed the existing asbestos cement waterline, and tied it into the backflow preventer assemblies with new ductile iron piping.

Following the installation of the backflow preventer, RENOVA installed a new fire hydrant, 165’ duct bank, tied into an existing electrical source, restored three (3) abandon water valve boxes, installed a new retaining wall, installed an access driveway, and six (6) bollards. The prefabricated concrete building, which included all electric and HVAC components, arrived three days ahead of schedule and was lifted by a crane into place. Once in place, all electrical connections were completed. The area of disturbance was then covered with topsoil, seeded, and mulched. RENOVA completed the work with zero reportable incidents, on schedule, and on budget.



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