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Shoreline Stabilization Sandy Hook Fort Hancock




New Jersey

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RENOVA was selected by the NPS as the prime contractor for an emergency shoreline stabilization project to protect a ferry dock and historic chapel which were within eight feet of Sandy Hook Bay, predicted to encroach further with the onset of the winter nor’easters. RENOVA provided value engineering for the remedy selection and turn-key permitting support, ensuring compliance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NJDEP Coastal Zone Management, National Historic Preservation Act Section 106, and the National Environmental Policy Act. The implementation was coordinated around the local tidal cycle and compliance with the seasonal nesting moratorium for the piping plover, a threatened shorebird species.

In March 2022, just four days after receiving the notice to proceed, RENOVA swiftly mobilized to the site. RENOVA constructed the bulwark, measuring 270’ long by 9.5’ wide by 8’ tall, utilizing the Trap Bag® barrier system to stabilize the shoreline. Using two rows as a base and one row as the second layer, the bags were installed and filled with sand, hydraulically compacted, and fastened together. Once the system was installed, the area behind the wall was backfilled to grade with imported fill, compacted and restored with certified clean topsoil and native grasses.

The ferry dock and historic chapel are now protected by the engineered barrier system and an additional 18 feet of shoreline, safeguarding against further erosion until the final armor stone revetment is installed by NPS in approximately five years. RENOVA completed the project ahead of schedule, under budget, and with zero incidents or safety concerns.



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