[FEDERAL] Fuel Spill Response and Remediation

Montauk, New York

Interim fuel spill response and remedial actions with excavation dewatering and treatment activities for the United States Coast Guard

“My experience working with Renova has been extremely positive. All facets of their work product have met or exceeded my expectations. I can always count on Renova to deliver quality work exactly as described in their proposal for the agreed upon price.” – USCG COR

Project Summary

RENOVA was selected by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as the prime contractor to address an underground marine diesel fuel release at USCG Station Montauk, located at the mouth of Lake Montauk in Montauk, New York.  Shortly after a fuel leak emanating from the Coast Guard property was observed and reported by a private citizen, USCG directly contacted RENOVA, who immediately dispatched a field supervisor to perform a site visit and evaluate the nature of the spill.  From the first identification of the fuel release, RENOVA was responsible for the planning and implementation of the interim spill response measures and the remedial action operation.

Interim measures completed by RENOVA included:

  • An investigation of the faulty underground marine diesel fueling system (MDFS) to determine the points of failure and means of fuel dispersion;
  • Conversion of the underground MDFS to a temporary aboveground MDFS to allow for uninterrupted USCG fueling operations;
  • Maintenance of a floating marine containment boom with oil absorbent sweeps and socks;
  • Completion of a full underground utility survey using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and visual identification, to map out more than 25 separate lines crossing the area of concern;
  • Construction and operation of near-shore recovery trenches to intercept and dispose of floating free product before it entered Lake Montauk; and
  • Full delineation of soil and groundwater impact.

In preparation of the required remedial action, RENOVA relocated, disconnected, or otherwise deactivated all 25+ utilities running through the area of excavation.  RENOVA also self-performed on the installation of helical piers and steel sheet shoring to support site features during the remedial excavation. Due to the project’s location on the waterfront, RENOVA used prior knowledge obtained from similar projects at coastal locations to design a dewatering and treatment system, which included four 21,000-gallon fractionation tanks, four 10-bag sediment filtration units, and eight 10,000-pound carbon vessels.  The dewatering system was operated for twelve weeks with no downtime to allow for the excavation, transportation, and disposal of over 2,000 tons of diesel-impacted soil.

Throughout the project’s duration, RENOVA coordinated with multiple USCG representatives, township officers, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), and other project stakeholders to ensure all site operations remained as uninterrupted as possible.  The diesel-impacted soil and groundwater have been remediated to within NYSDEC standards and the project is currently substantially completed by RENOVA to the complete satisfaction of the client.

" The Renova team has done an excellent job at Station Montauk for the USCG. All of the utility work has been accomplished with minimal disruption to Station operations. You have assembled a very efficient and hardworking team of people.

All members of the Renova staff that I've worked with are well trained, professional and both customer and safety oriented. Their project management and communication is exceptional. I highly recommend Renova Environmental Services based on my first-hand experience working with them. They have become my trusted environmental contractor when the job needs to be done right the first time. "