Renova Environmental Company

[RESIDENTIAL] Blue Acres Program Leaking Tank Closure

Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Insurance coverage attainment and oil-contaminated soil remediation

“You sent the 'lifeboat' and saved me with all your hard work.”

Project Summary

The client’s buyout from New Jersey’s Blue Acre Program was hindered by a leaking, 550-gallon heating oil underground storage tank (UST). The oil tank removal was performed by another contractor, and the client was not satisfied with their recommendations once it was determined that the tank leaked. RENOVA collected soil and groundwater samples and the soil samples were just within standard, however, the groundwater results were above NJDEP standards.

RENOVA’s project manager corresponded with the client’s insurance company to reverse their initial denial of coverage, and trigger full coverage for the remediation under the third-party liability portion. The insurance company not only paid for 100% of all remediation and restoration costs, but also reimbursed the client for the investigation costs paid to RENOVA. Moving forward, RENOVA completed the remediation promptly, safely, and within budget to all parties’ satisfaction. A Remedial Action Report was prepared that documented all environmental activities at the site and was submitted to the NJDEP, who then reviewed and approved of the outcome. A letter of No Further Action (NFA) was issued and the client was able to sell her property to the State of New Jersey through the Blue Acres program, and move to a higher and dryer location.

" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so fortunate to have seen your sign and called you to do my job. Every one of you are wonderful, knowledgeable, and amazing!!! I feel like I was drowning before with the costs of everything and now, because of you and how you helped with my insurance company, you sent the “lifeboat” and saved me with all your hard work. This morning it is raining cats and dogs but it did not even “dampen” my spirits because I know this willa ll be taken care of soon and I can maybe be “HOME” for Christmas!! "

- Especially…E. York