Renova Environmental Company

[COMMERCIAL] TCE Impacted Soil Excavation and In-Situ System Install

South Plainfield, NJ

Excavation of TCE impacted soils in an operating manufacturing facility

Project Summary

RENOVA was selected by the prime contractor / environmental consultant as the key implementation contractor for remedial activities to address chlorinated solvent contamination from a former metal plating facility in South Plainfield, New Jersey. RENOVA mitigated vapor concerns by installing floor‐to ceiling poly sheeting to segregate the work area, and utilized industrial fans to create a negative airspace, circulate any accumulating vapors, and expel them outside. RENOVA provided value engineering for the underpinning design of the load‐bearing columns to support the building during the interior soil remediation. RENOVA implemented the design, and demolished and disposed of a 3,000‐square foot, reinforced concrete slab. Approximately 500 tons of trichloroethene (TCE)‐impacted, F‐listed hazardous soil was excavated by RENOVA for both land disposal restriction (LDR) and non‐LDR disposal, as determined by onsite screening by the client. Continuous air monitoring was conducted by RENOVA throughout excavation activities to
identify harmful vapor accumulation and evaluate the need for a vapor‐suppressing surfactant. RENOVA installed an in‐situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) system, backfilled and compacted the excavation with crushed stone, and installed a vapor barrier. The remediated area was restored with concrete, allowing the active industrial‐use facility operations to continue while deeper soils
are remediated over time via the ISCO system.