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Oil Tank Removal · Structural Support

RENOVA has successfully closed out hundreds of leaking tank cases for residential homeowners by doing the minimum amount required to satisfy the NJDEP, while also helping secure funding through insurance claims and grant applications.

We perform all of the project management, environmental science, and contracting work in-house…saving you time, money and headaches.

Did You Know?

  • Underground oil tanks, still common for home heating, pose both financial and health risks to you and your family.
  • Leaks are difficult to detect and, with time, worsen and become more costly to clean up.

Selling Your Home?

  • Even if your underground oil tank isn’t leaking, its existence makes it more difficult to attract buyers and can lower your home’s value.

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Oil Tank Removal

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RENOVA has experience with all aspects of Residential projects, including:

  • Oil tank removal
  • Magnetometer scans (aka tank sweep, tank locating service)
  • Oil tank investigation
  • Soil and groundwater investigations via Geoprobe
  • Third-party insurance claim investigation
  • Forensic investigation and age dating analysis
  • Soil excavation
  • In situ chemical oxidation and bioremediation application
  • Vapor intrusion investigation
  • Transportation and disposal
  • Dewatering and groundwater pump and treat
  • Construction management
  • Foundation underpinning with concrete, helical piles, sonotubes, and drilled mini piles
  • Shore of excavation with soldier beams and lagging, sheet pile tieback walls, and trench boxes