Renova Environmental Company

[STRUCTURAL] Deep Foundation Installation - Timber Piles

Monmouth County Landfill, NJ

Deep foundation to enable construction of landfill settling tanks

"I wish we had more subcontractors like RENOVA"

Project Summary

RENOVA self-performed on the installation of 162 timber piles to provide a deep foundation suitable for the construction of two (2) bioreactor tanks being used to capture leachate from the county landfill. Utilizing a 110-ton off-road truck crane and a 15,000-pound diesel impact hammer with 60’ leads, RENOVA installed the piles according to the requirements and specifications outlined by the engineer of record. RENOVA completed the project safely, on time, and on budget, while offering value engineering to the client to ensure that the project would be done right the first time.

" I wish we had more subcontractors like RENOVA, as it would make life easier. RENOVA’s proposal clearly delineated scope, schedule and cost. Project was executed on time, safely and on budget. Crew was competent and all knew what needed to be done. RENOVA identified additional requirements for successful execution early in project (prior to proposal signing) that were not considered by design team. "

- Client Representative and Project Engineer