Renova Environmental Company

In Situ Solidification/Stabilization (ISS) Remediation

Middlesex, New Jersey

ISS of 150,000 cubic yards of soil impacted with petroleum, PCBs, lead, arsenic, and benzene.

Project Summary

RENOVA was selected as the prime contractor to bring a 20-acre former auto salvage and railroad yard into compliance to allow for property transfer and eventual development into a 350,000 square foot warehouse complex. RENOVA served as the key facilitator between numerous contractors onsite, multiple stakeholders, and the property owner to ensure a safe and efficient work environment. RENOVA coordinated with the former auto salvage yard to ensure their operations were sustained for as long as possible.

The remedial action operation included implementation of the remedial action, primarily comprised of the ISS of 150,000 cubic yards of soil impacted with petroleum, PCBs, lead, arsenic, and benzene. In order to complete ISS treatment of soil, RENOVA conducted bench and pilot scale testing with various additives. Based on laboratory analysis, RENOVA determined that a portland cement and quicklime mixture produced the best results across the various soil types present onsite. RENOVA safely and effectively completed ISS treatment of soil utilizing our in-house automated batch plant, heavy machinery, proficient equipment operators and skilled laborers.

Additional remediation measures included the excavation, removal, and offsite disposal of 4,900 tons of radiation-impacted soil; 3,000 tons of TSCA (PCB > 50 PPM); and 10,000 tons of non-hazardous and hazardous soil. RENOVA installed complete site perimeter erosion controls adherent to the pre-approved soil erosion plan; completed test pit investigations to delineate and categorize the different waste streams onsite; mucked out approximately 7,500 tons of material from the wetlands onsite in accordance with a GP-4 permit; pulled and transported trees, stumps, and brush offsite for disposal; sifted through and
segregated unearthed material for future construction and demolition (C&D) disposal; and backfilled excavation areas and
wetlands area in accordance with geotechnical specifications. Additionally, RENOVA demolished existing structures and
processed the debris into alternative fill to provide additional cost savings to the client. RENOVA removed and transported
groundwater offsite for disposal to facilitate soil removal. All work was conducted safely and efficiently, with zero safety
incidents resulting in lost time.