Renova Environmental Company

[COMMERCIAL] Infiltration Gallery Installation

Dayton, New Jersey

Installation of a groundwater treatment infiltration gallery at an industrial property.

Project Summary

RENOVA was selected by TRC Engineers, Inc. as the implementation contractor for the installation of a groundwater treatment infiltration gallery at an industrial property. Two (2) infiltration galleries, both approximately 65 feet by 75 feet, were constructed by RENOVA. Each gallery consisted of nine (9) Lane Storm Keeper storm water chamber runs and 12” corrugated HDPE manifold piping. Following the installation of the gallery components, the area was backfilled with #57 stone, three feet of reused fill, topped with six (6) inches of imported topsoil, and hydroseeded. RENOVA then connected the infiltration galleries to a newly constructed groundwater treatment facility. The treatment facility foundation was due to be poured and the piping installation would have delayed progress and created the need to redesign some features to accommodate the piping. Renova offered a solution by recommending spool pieces that were easily installed through penetration sleeves and could be installed after the foundation was poured. Renova designed the spools and provided the sleeves for the foundation. The recommendation was a success, and the foundation pour was completed on schedule with no redesign necessary to install piping.
In total, RENOVA installed over 1,000 linear feet of 6” SDR 11 HDPE and schedule 80 PVC force main from the treatment facility to the infiltration galleries. In addition, RENOVA installed two (2) 2” HDPE conduit and four (4) handholes within the force main trench which crossed under existing utilities including an electrical duct bank. Renova provided connections from the existing HDPE influent pump system and final connections to the new water treatment plant for the effluent pipe. The connection for the existing influent pumping system also consisted of 3” primary with a 6” secondary HDPE piping and reconnection to an existing 6” PVC secondary effluent system. Restoration included 1,800 square feet of asphalt paving, grading and hydroseeding of the trench line. RENOVA completed the work with zero reportable incidents or safety concerns.