Renova Environmental Company

[FEDERAL] Lead Decontamination and Offsite Disposal

New Jersey

Decommissioning of a lead-contaminated military asset (DoD)

Project Summary

As a prime contractor working for a confidential Department of Defense (DOD) client and pursuant to a task order issued on a 5-year IDIQ contract, RENOVA was called upon to decommission a non-functional asset on the base. A metal pit in the former ice house contained residual water and debris that was determined to be impacted with lead contamination. Prior to initiating work, RENOVA had an unexploded ordnance (UXO) sweep of the pit to confirm no hazards were present. The waste targeted for disposal was characterized for off-site disposal as EPA-approved hazardous waste. RENOVA, self-performing on the decontamination work, donned proper PPE, containerized the debris from the pit, and evacuated the liquid waste for off-site disposal.

All work was completed pursuant to a negotiated, firm-fixed-price contract and was an excellent opportunity for RENOVA to grow its federal experience at a local DOD installation. The proposed two-week timeline and allotted budget were strictly adhered to. RENOVA completed the work with zero reportable incidents or safety concerns. The results from the soil sample collection and analysis were sufficient for the building to be demolished as non-hazardous waste, which will assist in future planning for the site.