Renova Environmental Company

[RESIDENTIAL] Oil Tank Removal and Remediation at Bank Property

Hewitt, New Jersey

Oil tank removal and cleanup to facilitate a bank sale

Project Summary

The closing on bank-owned property was impeded by the presence of a heating oil underground storage tank (UST). RENOVA dispatched a technician to assess the site and confirm the tank size, access, and contents. A bid was submitted to the real estate broker, acting as an agent for the bank. Approval was received from the bank along with a request to expedite the process. RENOVA scheduled the removal as quickly as possible after receiving permits back from the municipality.

Upon removal, the tank was found to have several corrosion holes and stained soil. Soil samples collected by RENOVA indicated contamination over NJDEP state standard and remediation was required. The realtor received approval for RENOVA’s remediation bid and a 25-ton dig was conducted. Upon completion, RENOVA compiled and submitted a Remedial Action Report to the NJDEP to close out open case. A No Further Action letter (NFA) was issued as well as a Certificate of Approval from the municipality, allowing the real estate transaction to proceed.