[RESIDENTIAL] Oil Tank Removal for Private Residence

Downtown Jersey City, New Jersey

Removal and backfill of underground oil tank between urban homes

“They were honest, punctual, and efficient.”

Project Summary

Just prior to a real estate transaction of a private residence in downtown Jersey City, RENOVA was contracted for the removal of a 550-gallon heating oil underground storage tank (UST), which needed to be completed by hand, as it was located through a narrow alley between two buildings in an urban setting.  RENOVA secured the sidewalk permit, no parking signs, and construction permit through Jersey City.  The UST was cut, cleaned, removed, and passed inspection with the municipal construction official.  The excavation was backfilled and compacted and RENOVA cleaned and secured the site prior to demobilizing.  The property transaction sailed through with no hindrances.

" I am so happy I chose RENOVA. I had 3 estimates and they were all around same price and all had decent reviews, RENOVA was my best choice I'd say. They were honest in the pricing, punctual and efficient. I also was very pleased with all the ladies in the office, they never tired of my calls or emails, with a thousand questions. Nor did I need wait for a reply back either. At the same time I was having my tank removed a friend had his removed as well, I wish I had known RENOVA beforehand I could have given him their number. RENOVA did a great job and was super-efficient. Thank you again. "

- J. Korologos, client