Renova Environmental Company

[COMMERCIAL] Remediation of Impacted Soil Capping and Well Conversion

Newark, New Jersey

Project Summary

Maintaining successful operations on a property while undergoing an environmental remediation project can present a number of challenges. RENOVA was selected by Roux as the key implementation contractor for soil remediation, capping and well conversions at a commercial property in Newark, New Jersey – home to a variety of businesses with a range of needs. With proper planning and careful execution, RENOVA was able to complete this project with minimal disruption to daily operations.

RENOVA first collaborated with engineers to discuss constructability options to best accomplish the presented scope of work. Following these discussions, RENOVA provided a number of solutions to mitigate disruption of the normal flow of business on the property. These solutions included:

• Coordination of a nights/weekends construction schedule;
• Temporarily backfilling areas to grade while work progressed, in order to allow vehicles to safely traverse the site during construction;
• Splitting remedial activities into multiple phases to allow businesses to relocate their equipment during construction;

In total, RENOVA removed approximately 455-tons of contaminated soil before backfilling all areas to grade.
RENOVA was also requested to complete reconfigurations of existing monitoring wells. The existing stick-up wells were converted to flush mounted, and another fourteen flush mount wells were raised to the new grade. RENOVA provided a survey of all upgraded wells and delivered the drawings to the client.

Following the completion of all excavations and well upgrades, RENOVA finished the project by removing the balance of demolished concrete and asphalt, importing aggregate, and grading the site. Additional paving of a 7800 sq ft lot was also carried out under RENOVA’s management. RENOVA completed the work successfully with zero reportable incidents or safety concerns.